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At CityLights, we are dedicated to expanding immersive media as a cinematic medium. We have introduced virtual and augmented reality experiences to broader audiences through unique projects. Focus on financing and distributing VR and AR content, we bring these one of a kind immersive experiences to the masses.

In 2018, CityLights acquired SPHERES at the Sundance Film Festival. This incredible three-part virtual reality series had an all-star team: executive produced by Darren Aronofsky and directed by Eliza McNitt, it features the voices of Jessica Chastain, Millie Bobby Brown, and Patti Smith. The series was the first major accomplishment on our mission to showcase the types of experiences only virtual reality can deliver.

Our company made headlines once again working with Free Range Games and Patrick Mahomes to produce “MVP Football: The Patrick Mahomes Experience”. Available on Oculus Quest, players can experience the adrenaline rush of being superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The game progresses from high school to college, and ultimately onto the Super Bowl. We believe MVP Football has helped us amaze and inspire audiences through the power of virtual reality.

Directed by co-founder Joel Newton, our CityLights team went on to create another groundbreaking virtual reality experience that explores King Tut’s tomb and all its treasures. Voiced by Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, “Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb” brings a whole new meaning to virtual experiences and educational cinema. In what’s been called an accurate and respectful recreation, guests can immerse themselves in the fascinating narrative of Ancient Egypt and discover King Tut’s intact tomb.

Additionally, we partnered with Numinous Games and Cyan Publishing to bring Area Man Lives to life. Starring the celebrity voices of Max Greenfield, Joe McHale, and Ronan Farrow, Area Man Lives is a quirky, narrative mystery game using innovative voice recognition to give players unprecedented immersion as a radio DJ. A blend of radio drama and comics, Area Man Lives demonstrates just how unique VR is as a storytelling medium.

Narrated by Bryan Cranston, our current project “Experience Yosemite” is a cinematic virtual reality experience that details Yosemite National Park’s rich history and landmarks, taking viewers on an immersive journey through the vast beauty of Yosemite Valley. This 6DOF VR film guides viewers through an exploration of the parkfrom its Native heritage through the groundbreaking work of John Muir and President Teddy Roosevelt to modern feats of free solo climbing to dramatic views of natural splendor.

CityLights aims to deliver virtual and augmented reality experiences, pioneering immersive cinema. As we focus on our mission to expand VR & AR content, we continue to take on unique projects that reach new heights in the industry.

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David Ganek

Partner, Co-Founder
  • Founder of Level Global Investors 
  • Experienced Technology and Media investor 
  • Currently runs Ganek Foundation, which supports and lends contemporary art to educational institutions 
  • Trustee, Guggenheim NYC 
  • Board of Directors, Aspen Museum of Art 
  • Member of the Visiting Committee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Joel Newton

Partner, Co-Founder
  • Director and Producer “Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb,” “Experience: Yosemite
  • Producer “MVP Football: The Patrick Mahomes Experience
  • Co-Founder of The Virtual Reality Company 
  • Co-Founder of Artist International 
  • Executive Producer “The Martian VR Experience,” “Raising a Rukus,” “Spheres,” “Area Man Lives” 
  • Producer “LUV” 
  • Co-Producer “The Kids Are All Right” Golden Globe Winner + 4 Oscar Nominations

Nick Boyer

Partner, Co-Founder
  • Executive Producer – “Tutankhamun: Enter the Tomb
  • Executive Producer – “Area Man Lives VR
  • Producer – VR Theater accompanying National Geographic co-produced Beyond King Tut Immersive Show

Harry Ganek

Senior Associate
  • Been with CityLights since 2019
  • In charge of financial modeling for speculative investments
  • Runs CityLights proprietary mosaic platform, which is used to inform future decisions


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